“Innovations, however great they are or achievements, however enviable they be, are of no use if they don't benefit the society.”


About Us

Smartax Refund Ltd. is a group of highly qualified IT professionals committed to excellence in the service industry with the vision of creating cutting edge solutions for the betterment of the global community.

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to various complex and time-consuming problems encountered in the commercial sector. Our dedicated and continuous efforts for the past few years have seen the creation of an integrated solution for the tax refund industry.

A one-stop shop for tax refund claims.

The impact of this innovative technology on the Consumer Trade facilitation segment is international in nature and will pave way for seamless tax refund payments being made to the customers. This in turn will initiate an increased business for all concerned.

We are committed to transforming this into a Global platform and will continue to endeavor to excel in providing a range of solutions to meet the constantly emerging problems in the commercial service sector.



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